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How many applications are in the kit?

There is enough gel in the dispenser (Syringe) for 7-14 daily whitening applications.

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How old do you have to be before you can use the kit?

14 years of age is the recommended age.

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Does this product cause any sensitivity?

Because we only recommend keeping the trays in your mouth for 30 minutes at a time, there should be no sensitivity issues. If there is any, it would be minimal, plus we’ve included in our kit, re-mineralization gel to help reduce any sensitivity and revitalize and strengthen your enamel. We are the only company that [...]

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What is it that separates your whitening kit from all the other whitening kits available on the market today?

AMAZING WHITE SMILE gels are 100% All Natural, and FDA Regulated ingredients to insure your safety. We also offer the strongest over the counter percentage of carbamide peroxide (36%) available to consumers plus we include a re-mineralization pen and LED light. We are also the only professional sellers that offer a FREE whitening pen with [...]

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The LED Light Does Not Turn On, What’s Wrong?

There is a small plastic disk underneath the batteries to prevent the light from turning on during shipment. Remove this disk, replace the batteries + side up, and it will work.

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