Author: Pam Funke

ISBN: 9781490478067
Pages: 65
Description: Imagine, if you will, an afternoon on the beach in the summer. The light is waning, and evening is approaching. There’s the breeze on your face, coming off the ocean and whisking the hair off your face. The sand is still warm between your toes, and the birds are circling and crying out to each other.

What an idyllic day! That is what Bella experiences with her mother. And today she gets an extra-special treat. Not ice cream, although that would be delicious. No, her mother gives her something much more valuable and memorable.

Her mother gives her stories.

Stories about animals, and how they get to know their Creator, in short, entertaining tales. Bella is enrapt as she hears about:

Delilah the beetle, who feels sorry for herself because she is so much like the others, and is not recognized for her hard work. God speaks to her, and gives her a special gift to make her stand out from the crowd. But what Delilah experiences is not what she expects, and she learns a hard lesson about humility.

Lizzy the Lizard, who enjoys watching the humans in her world, but doesn’t understand anything beyond what she sees around her. It is through a conversation with a woman in her garden that Lizzy comes to understand the realm beyond what she can see with just her eyes.

Noah the seagull, who learns trust the hard way, when he is knocked off-course during his migration, and his plans change abruptly. The ensuing months teach him that there are good people in the world, and that love can come from very unexpected places.


George, the littlest mamba snake in his family. The poor snake feels lost among his siblings, and thinks that his mother doesn’t love him like the rest. It is only when he runs away, and hears God in the silence around him, that he finds that he is loved, not only by his family, but by the One who created him as well.

So many wonderful lessons Bella learns! And they are presented in a way that is very appealing to young children. At the age level for these stories, children love to believe animals can talk and can think like they themselves can. To present the animals talking, living, laughing, and being in the presence of their Creator, is a very creative way to convey to little people how much God loves them, and that He is also present in their young lives as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Through the Eyes of a Child”. Pam Funke, your book is a blessing!

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