Author: Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780843949940
Pages: 384
Description: They were masters of the darkness, searching through eternity for a mistress of the light….

He ran with the wolves…materialized from the mists…hijacked the very heavens to his whims.

He was the dark guardian of his people. So how, after centuries of a bleak, soulless existence had he, Lucian Daratrazanoff, suddenly come to crave petite, curvy, colorful lady cop Jaxon Montgomery, who foolishly made it her life’s work to protect others from harm?

Fiercely daring, Jaxx would sacrifice anything to shield others– particularly since a deadly menace dogged her every footstep, threatening all who got close to her. And strangely seductive, piercingly erotic Lucian was no exception. Lucian was powerfully, perilously mesmerizing–oddly gentle yet clearly a born predator. He had vowed to possess her, to guard her for all time. Yet with his every thirsty kiss, was he drawing Jaxon more deeply into danger . . . and his dark, mysterious desires?
Dark Guardian 2204 Garfield Ave, Wilmington, DE.Within an hour after the body was Dark Guardian taken to the White House, the town was shrouded in black.The captain of the guard, when appealed to, considered it a good joke! CHAPTER XI. Dark GuardianModern structures, particularly in the First District, are very little resemblance Dark Guardian to that of any other city in the.Tullamore was the terminus of the Grand canal for six years until the extension to Dark Guardian Shannon Harbour was completed in 1804.Our landlord’s housekeeping is equally rough and hospitable, and savours much of the simplicity of ancient times: the great hall, paved with Dark Guardian flat stones, is about forty-five feet by twenty-two, and serves not only for a dining-room, but also for a bedchamber, to gentlemen-dependents and hangers-on of the family.Accommodation Dark Guardian here was provided for Headquarters and B Company in old German dugouts, while D Company contented itself with temporary and hastily constructed shelters in the village.