Author: Bill Crider

ISBN: 9780312323875
Pages: 272
Description: One hot summer morning, big, tough Bud Turley brings an enormous tooth into the Blacklin County police station and asks Sheriff Dan Rhodes to keep it for him until the paleontologist from the community college comes up to examine it. Turley insists that the tooth is proof that Bigfoot roams the woods—unless it is from a prehistoric animal, which Rhodes thinks is more likely. But Turley’s buddy Larry Colley has maintained for years that he’s seen Bigfoot. Most inhabitants of Blacklin County have avoided those woods, but Colley and Bud are at home there, and Turley is ready to crow over his find. However, the next day his body is found in the forest, leaving Larry Colley more certain than ever that a monster is lurking there.

Dan Rhodes is not sure that Bud’s death is the work of an “ordinary” criminal. And he wouldn’t be too surprised if somehow feral hogs were involved; Rhodes knows what many Texans don’t—it is estimated that at least a million and a half feral hogs roam the state; many believe it could be twice that many. But when the sheriff is faced with the murder of an elderly woman in the small store she ran at the edge of the woods, he knows he has a human killer on his hands.
A Mammoth Murder is Bill Crider’s thirteenth mystery featuring Sheriff Dan Rhodes, his two-man headquarters “staff,” and the quirky citizens of Blacklin County. Readers of the series will unanimously welcome another visit to this hospitable, if surprising, Texas community where mixed with the real-life inhabitants you’d find in any small Southwest town, there will always be some really unique goings-on.

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